Use Griffitts Double Locking Well Packer to seal off ground water pollution by setting the seal in below the contamination or in solid rock, on a ledge or suspended by bolting through the casing and the liner pipe to prevent telescoping.

To seal off a zone with the Griffitts Double Locking Well Packer, use a long seal on top and a regular on the bottom with casing between and above them. Set casing so that the seals are on either side of the bad water zone with the bottom one on a ledge. You could also use a long seal on the bottom with perforated casing on down to good water.

Griffitts Double Locking Well Packer can also be used for grouting a well. Set the seal to depth and cover with no more than 5' of grout. Allow the grout to set before filling in the rest of the way.

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