About Griffitts Well Packers

Founder Samuel Lee Griffitts grew up drilling water wells with his father and grandfather. With homemade rigs, they gave their community reliable sources of potable water. Occasionally, Sam would run into ground water pollution; mud, surface water or undesirable minerals. In 1959 he approached that problem with his signature ingenuity, designing and developing The Griffitts Double Locking Well Seal. He applied for a patent and it was granted in 1962. He began selling his product to local well drillers and progressed to selling wholesale to many large drilling supply companies all across the eastern United States. In 1984 Sam passed away and his widow, Elizabeth, hired a couple of neighbors to resume manufacturing. The company thrived with few changes for nearly two decades until December 2003 when Elizabeth passed on. These days her son, Norman, and grand daughter, Lillie, continue to manage and expand the business.

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